Privacy Policy

Privacy statement and cookie policy

The operation of this website is done by the company GBL investing ("Company", "we", etc.). The company adheres to the privacy policy of information and individuals. The Company also follows the principles contained in the Law of Information Protection (1998) and the EU Directive about universal services and user rights regarding to electronic communications networks and services. This privacy policy explains how the Company operates and protects personal information about its customers that is provided by users and held by the Company (“the Policy"). If the user visits the company's website and uses its services, it means that he / she agrees with the Policy.

This Policy is amended from time to time to reflect changes in the Company's operations or practices, and to ensure compliance with changes in legislation, technology and the business environment. The use of information is governed by the principles of the current Policy.

What information does the Company collect?

You provide us with personal data by filling in your account registration data; the Company is obliged to keep such data. The company also retains information on the results of the trading operations of the user, the usage of the website and the policy regarding to cookies (see below). When a user visits the company's website or uses its services, the Company may also register the user's IP address, i.e. the unique identifier of his / her computer or other access device (e.g. smartphone or tablet). In order to ensure quality control, the Company may monitor and record interactions with the user. As a rule, such information is provided at the time when the user agrees to register himself as a client for using the services of the Company. Settings that enable the usage of cookies in your browser imply the agreement with the policy of the Company regarding to cookies.

How do we use personal information?

• The company uses the information about users in the following ways:

• The company uses your personal information obtained from other sources to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements, for marketing, administrative purposes, to serve customers, and to ensure that the content and services offered to you meet your needs and interests. For these purposes, the company stores your information for a certain period of time. In some cases, the Company may need to share your information with its service providers and agents. As a rule, the Company requires that the third parties that process and/or receive the information as service providers, acknowledge the confidential nature of such information, undertake obligations to respect the right of an individual to the integrity of private life and followed the principles of data protection, including the provisions of this Policy.

The company or agents acting on our behalf may:

• carry out identity checks, checks related to the prevention of money-laundering and fraud, as well as transfer your data to other companies falling within the group of companies and other organizations (including law enforcement agencies) engaged into the prevention and detection of fraud and use of your information in the same way;

• establish your creditworthiness by contacting banks, financial institutions and credit rating agencies.

• The company may use the information provided by you to send you SMS or e-mail messages, to inform you about requirements for additional funds replenishment or to provide you with the other information.

When giving your personal data to the Company, you consent the processing of your personal data for the above-mentioned purposes. The use and working with cookies. The company may obtain information about you by accessing cookies (text files stored on your computer or other access device), or when you visit the website or use the Company's services. Cookies store small amounts of information, such as names and email addresses. To do this, the Company uses web beacons (also known as GIF files or web bugs). Web beacons do not store additional information on your computer, but by interacting with our cookies on your computer, they may remember the information about the Company's website, which the Company uses to improve user experience.

We use cookies to remember the settings, to analyze how visitors use our website, and to monitor the performance and work of the website. Thus, the Company can provide high convenience of users’ work, quickly identifying and eliminating problems. For example, a company may use cookies to track the performance, to identify which pages of the website users visit most, and which method of communication between pages of the website is most effective.

Cookies for remembering the settings are used on the GBL investing trading platform to remember user’s preferences and identify users, ensure information security, and improve the efficiency and reliability of the platform. For example, thanks to cookies, users do not need to fill in the user’s name each time they open a trading platform; in addition, the website retains user’s preferences, such as the language of content display for the registered user.

The user can delete cookies at any time by accessing the browser settings. You can also disable cookies in your browser settings, but after that you will not be able to use this website and many other websites, as they will not work correctly.

The information about your use of the website (including your IP address) is collected by a cookie file and may be transmitted and stored by Google on its servers. Google may use this information to evaluate your use of the website, compile the reports about the website, and provide other services related to the website and Internet usage. Google may also transfer information to third parties if it is required by law or if such third parties process information on Google's behalf. Google will not establish a link between your IP address and any other data collected. By using this website, you consent to process the data about you by Google in the manner described above for the above-mentioned purposes.

How do we protect your information?

The company takes the necessary steps to ensure that the information you disclose was protected, maintained up to date and stored only for the period of time required for the above-mentioned purposes. Information is stored in secure computer storage facilities; The procedures were developed to prevent the accidental loss, destruction or damage of such information.

You have the right to request a copy of the information stored about you (for which we may charge you a small fee) and to demand the correction of inaccuracies in the information available. Please notify us of any changes of address or other personal circumstances so that we could have the correct information about you.

How and when to contact us?

If you have changed your personal information, or have questions about how we use your information, or want to help us to improve this Policy, you can contact us by writing to our email address.

Complaints and claims

• The client may submit a written complaint to the GBL investing company within 180 (one hundred eighty) calendar days from the moment of receipt of all relevant financial services, unless the regulations or concluded between the GBL investing company and the Customer treaty does not provide any other deadline for filing a complaint.

• A client who filed a complaint with GBL investing has the right to receive a response from the company in the manner prescribed by these Rules.

• The company shall notify the Client about the acceptance of the complaint for processing or about a reasonable refusal to accept the complaint.

• The client must file his / her complaint directly with GBL investing. At the initial appeal with the complaint not to the company, but to public Internet platforms (websites/forums), the client's account is blocked until the full end of the trial.

• Клиент может подать жалобу в компанию GBL investing лично, указав свое имя, фамилию, номер своего счета в системе, адрес места жительства или другой адрес, по которому можно отправить ответ, номер контактного телефона и адреса электронной почты.

• The client may submit a complaint with GBL investing company personally, putting your name, surname, your account number in the system, the residential address or other address to which a response can be sent, contact telephone number and email address.

• Complaints, sent to the official email of the department of protection of customers’ rights of GBL investing company, are admissible for consideration.

• It is necessary to substantiate the complaint correctly and in detail.

• GBL investing accepts and considers customers’ complaints within 10 working days. The applicant is informed if the problem cannot be resolved within this time. The complaint shall be considered within 60 calendar days.

• The GBL investing company does not consider anonymous complaints.

• GBL investing company has the right not to consider a complaint that has clearly offensive content.

• GBL investing company has the right (in accordance with clause 4.4.2, 4.4.3, 7.1.3 of the Terms and Conditions) to suspend the provision of its services to the Client until the full consideration of all the circumstances specified by the Client in the complaint and refuse to provide services to this Client in the future.

• If necessary, the Client is obliged to provide GBL investing with the requested information and the necessary documents for the proceedings, within a period of not more than 7 (seven) calendar days, as the complaint will be canceled after the expiration of this period.

• GBL investing has the right to request additional data when considering a complaint from both the Client and official state and financial institutions at the client's place of residence to verify the compliance with the anti-money laundering Policy (AML).

• GBL investing has the right to disclose the confidential information about the Client, the service provided to the Client and the deal, to third parties partially and / or completely for full and objective consideration of the complaint.

Risk Notifications

GBL investing is your chance to start trading cryptocurrencies in just a few minutes with a minimal start-up capital regardless of experience. However, it is necessary to take into account the existing risks.

1.1. Cryptocurrency trading is accompanied by risks caused by possible intensive fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices. This can work both in your favor and against you, and lead to large losses or large profits. The user understands and acknowledges that significant changes may occur in the market during the trading operation, including negative changes for the User.

1.2. GBL investing strives to ensure the stability of the trading platform, but is not responsible for any failures, delays or interruptions in the Internet connection and cannot guarantee 100% uptime for the following reasons:

• server overload;
• technical work and prevention of DDoS-attack;
• problems in the data Center;
• other objective reasons.

Thus, the User assumes the risks of financial losses or lost profits due to failures in the operation of information, communication, electronic and other connecting and data transmission systems, as well as temporary unavailability of the Service.

1.3. The user assumes the risk of any financial loss caused by the fact that he has not received or has received with delay a system message.

1.4. The user confirms that any information sent by e-mail in unencrypted form is not protected from unauthorized access.

1.5. The user is fully responsible for the confidentiality of information received from the Service and assumes the risk of any financial loss caused by unauthorized access of third parties to his account.

1.6. The user should be familiar with the fees and other payments that will be charged by the Service during the trading process. The amount of these payments may reduce the profit or increase its losses.

1.7. The information presented in this section does not disclose all the risks associated with trading cryptocurrencies. Users should understand the nature of cryptocurrency trading and its inherent risks. Users should not start trading until they do not understand and identify all risks.

1.8. Never invest all your money in cryptocurrencies if you cannot afford such losses. Investing in cryptocurrencies is always some risk.

For example:

Cryptocurrencies are constantly competing, so the new cryptocurrency can surpass the price of the cryptocurrency you have invested into. There may be vulnerabilities in the encryption algorithm. Some countries may try to ban or regulate cryptocurrencies. There may be a defect in the encryption Protocol that will cause the stop of its working.


Financial service, produced by this website, is of a high level of risk and can lead to your complete money lost. Don’t invest money, which you cannot lose.