REGULATIONS: Terms and Conditions


1.1. Service – services (goods, works) described in clause 3 of this Agreement.

1.2. Operation — an action that is carried out on the Client's account, associated with the replenishment and return of funds, opening and closing of a trade transaction.

1.3. Account – the unique personified register of recording of transactions/operations on the trading platform of the Company.

2. Agreement

2.1. The subject of this Agreement is the provision of services by the Company to the Client on the basis of this Agreement.

2.2. The client unconditionally accepts the Terms and conditions of this Agreement and undertakes to make a minimum payment to the account. From the moment the client accepts the terms of the Agreement, each transaction made by him on the trading platform becomes the subject of this Agreement and other documentation/information on the Website.

2.3.1. The services provided by the Company to the Client are not the activities of a Forex dealer, as defined in article 4.1 of the Federal law of the Russian Federation of 22.04.1996 N 39-Federal Law "About the securities market". Under the terms of this Agreement, within the framework of the execution of this Agreement by the Client, under no circumstances the Client may assume obligations, the amount of which exceeds the amount of security provided by the Client (funds in the Client's account). The parties confirm that this Agreement is not provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, which does not deprive the parties, in accordance with paragraph 2 of article 421 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation, from the right to conclude it, and the provisions of this Agreement are governed by section 8 of this Agreement.

2.3.2 The services provided by the Company to the Client are not gambling and are not betting, as these terms are defined in the Federal law of 29.12.2006 N 244-Federal Law "About the state regulation of organization and conduction of gambling and amendments to some legislative acts of the Russian Federation".

3. Services of the company

3.1. Services of the company – services provided through the GBL investing trading platform.

3.2. The company provides services that include the use of the Company's trading platform, customer’s support, analytical and news materials, marketing newsletters.

3.3. The company may execute trading orders of the Client even when a certain operation may be unprofitable for the Client.

3.4. The client guarantees that all the provisions of this Agreement, as well as the terms of the Privacy Policy, Payment policy and anti-money laundering Policy posted on the website, are carefully read and accepted by the Client, as they determine the terms of interaction between the Client and the Company.

3.5. The company is not financially responsible for the results of operations performed by the Client.

3.6. A client – an authorized user of the Company's services. The rights granted to the Client cannot be transferred, and the obligations cannot be imposed on another person.

3.7. If the Client is a physical, adult, capable person and is not a citizen or a resident of the following countries: USA, Japan, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Israel, North Korea, he personally fills in the registration form.

4. Rights and obligations of the parties

4.1. Customer has the right to:

4.1.1. Give instructions to the Company to perform Operations on the website, prescribed in this Agreement.

4.1.2. Require the implementation of financial obligations of the Company within the amount of available funds at the account, in case there is no debt to the Company.

4.1.3. Submit a claim in written or electronic form for details of the company in case of a dispute.

4.1.4. Terminate this Agreement if there is no debt to the Company.

4.2. The client is obliged to:

4.2.1. Adhere to the provisions of this Agreement when carrying out Operations on the Site.

4.2.2. Be responsible for all actions that are the result of the use of login and/or password.

4.2.3. Be responsible for your actions, including the provision of orders to perform Operations on the website.

4.2.4. Be responsible for personal choice of trading strategy and taking into account all risks;

4.2.5. Be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information received from the Company. The client has no right to transfer his obligations under the exchange contract to a third party without the written consent of the other party. In case of admission of third parties to your own account, the Client assumes the risk of financial losses.

4.2.6. Notify the Company about the changes in contact information or other personal data within 7 (seven) calendar days.

4.2.7. Register only 1 (one) account in the Company. If several accounts belonging to the same Customer are identified, the transactions and financial results of such deals on these accounts may be cancelled and the accounts blocked. The funds contained therein are not considered a financial obligation of the Company towards the Client.

4.2.8. Take responsibility for your actions in accordance with the applicable laws on taxes or fees at the place of residence/living of the Client, regarding to any operations held, including, but not limiting to, an income tax.

4.3. The customer must:

4.3.1. Follow the laws of your country.

4.3.2. Be capable and of legal age.

4.4. The company has the right:

4.4.1. Make changes to the register of trading operations and revise the amount of financial obligations to the Client in case of violation by the Client of one or more provisions of this Agreement.

4.4.2. To stop the Client service, having reasonable grounds for this.

4.4.3. Terminate this Agreement unilaterally out of court. In this case, the company shall notify the Client by any available means within 7 (seven) working days from the date of termination of the Agreement, without compensation of monetary losses.

4.4.4. Contact the Client on matters related to this Agreement, including clarifying the intentions of the Client in regarding to operations connected with his account.

4.4.5. Change, add, rename or leave unchanged sections, paragraphs and subparagraphs of the provisions of this Agreement without prior notice to the Client.

4.4.6. Revise the amount of financial obligations to the Client, if conducting of the operations on the trading platform do not meet the terms of this Agreement.

4.4.7. Involve third parties whom the contract is concluded with for the provision of services under this Agreement.

4.4.8. Terminate this Agreement unilaterally, having warned the Client about it and fulfilled financial obligations towards the Client within the amount that is on the account.

4.4.9. Act at its own discretion regarding to any obligations and contingencies not described in the provisions of this Agreement.

4.5. The company is obliged:

4.5.1. Follow the quotations when opening and closing trades. The difference (Slippage) in transactions on currency pairs should not exceed 6 points. In the opposite case, the transactions are cancelled at the Company's expense. Slippage on commodities and indices can reach 0.0005% of the asset price during periods of low liquidity in the markets.

4.5.2. Provide services on the webite in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

4.5.3. erform financial obligations towards the Client within the amount that is in the account in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and in case of the absence of debt on the part of the Client.

4.5.4. Follow the terms of this Agreement.

5. Personal data

5.1. The client gives his consent to the processing of personal data provided by the Client without/with the use of automation tools accepting the provisions of this Agreement. Personal data of the Client: surname, name, patronymic, gender, address, contact phone number, e-mail address, IP address, data of the receipt of services under this agreement (trade history).

5.2. The client must provide true, accurate and complete information about his / her personal data.

5.3. The Client's personal data is used and processed in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory legislation.

5.4. The company is entitled to carry out collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, granting, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction and any other actions regarding to the current governing legislation when processing personal data.

5.5. Personal data of the Client may be stored and processed by the Company after the termination of the Agreement (within 7 years).

5.6. If necessary, the Client agrees that the company grants his / her personal data to a third party for achieving the objectives of the Agreement, their authorized representatives, as well as providing such persons with documents containing such information.

5.7. Disclosure of the Client's personal data to public sources is possible only in the cases provided for by the regulatory legislation.

5.8. The company takes all necessary measures to protect the Client's personal data from any illegal actions during their processing.

6. Risk warning

6.1. The client read, understood and accepted the warning about the risks associated with the use of the services on the Company's Website.

7. Costs

7.1. There is no fee when withdrawing funds to a credit card, but there is a fee of $25 for a bank transfer. In addition, the minimum amount required for withdrawal is 100 units of the Client's trading currency. The company, in its turn, has the right to receive a commission from the Client regarding to the service provided.

By accepting the Agreement, the Client agrees that he / she undertakes to compensate the fee for a bank transfer to the company in the amount not exceeding $ 25, then – the "transfer fee".

7.2. The transfer fee is written off the Client's account.

7.3. If the Client has not made any transactions on the trading platform of the Company for 90 (ninety) consecutive calendar days, then – the "Inactive Account", the Company has the right to withdraw the fee for servicing the Inactive Account in the amount of 50 units of the Client's trading currency. This payment cannot exceed the total balance of the Client's account.

8. Term and order of termination of this Agreement

8.1. This Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.

8.2. From the moment he client makes the minimum payment determined by the Company, this Agreement shall enter into force.

8.3. From the moment of blocking the Client's account, this Agreement is considered to be terminated.

8.4. The company has the right to terminate the Agreement if it becomes known that the Client has not reached the age of majority in accordance with the laws of his country or is a citizen or resident of the United States, Japan, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Israel, North Korea.

8.5. The company doesn’t share the financial burden towards the Client in case of termination of the Agreement for the reasons specified in clause 9.4.

9. 1-Click Service

9.1. The client is responsible for timely replenishment of the account, for the use of the Company's services or other additional services ordered by the Client on the webite, as well as all additional costs (if necessary), including all kinds of taxes, duties, etc.. The payment service provider provides only the payment in the amount specified by the webite and is not responsible for the payment of the above-mentioned additional amounts by the client of the webite.

9.2. By clicking the "Payment" button, the Customer will not be able to recall the payment or request its recall. By accepting the provisions of these rules, the Client confirms that he / she has the right to use the services offered on the website. Before using the services, the Client assumes legal responsibility for compliance with the laws of any country where this service is used, and confirms that the payment service provider is not responsible for any illegal or unauthorized violation. By agreeing to use the services of the website, the Client understands and accepts that there is no legal right to return the already purchased services or other possibilities of payment cancellation. If the Client wishes to refuse the 1-Click service for the next purchase of the service, he has the right to refuse it by using the account on the website.

9.3. The payment service provider is not responsible for the quality, volume, price of any service offered to the Customer or purchased by the Customer on the website, using the customer's payment card. By paying for any services of the website, the Client, first and foremost, is obliged to follow the rules of use of the website. The payment service provider is not responsible for the refusal/inability to process data related to the customer's payment card or for the refusal associated with the failure to obtain the permission from the bank- issuer to make a payment using the Customer's payment card. Please note that only the Customer is responsible for the timely payment of any service ordered through the website and for all additional costs/fees associated with this payment. The payment service provider is only the executor of the payment in the amount specified by the website.

9.4. If the client does not agree with the above-mentioned terms and conditions and/or other circumstances that do not satisfy him, he must promptly refuse to make the payment and, if necessary, contact the administrator / support of the Company's website.

Annex 1 to the Terms and Conditions

Technical regulation

1. Processing of trade requests and orders

1.1. Processing of clients’ requests and orders has the following structure:

1.1.1. The client's request or order is checked in the trading platform.

1.1.2. The request or order is sent to the server.

1.1.3. The order is checked for correctness on the server.

1.1.4. The server sends the check result to the trading platform.

1.2. The duration of request and order processing depends on the quality of connection between the trading platform and the Company's server, as well as on the state of the market. In normal market conditions, the processing time of the Client's request or order is usually 0-4 seconds. In some cases, the processing time of client’s requests and orders may be extended.

1.3. The client's request may be rejected in such cases:

1.3.1. If the Client does not have enough free funds to open a new position.

1.3.2. If the Client sends a request before the first quotation is received in the trading platform at the market opening.

1.3.3. If the Client sends a request before the opening of the trading session.

1.3.4. under market conditions different from normal.

1.4. In the case of usage of multiple browser tabs, trading results can be adjusted and/or canceled, only one browser tab should be used.

2. Quotations

2.1. Quotations on the trading platform can not serve as a reliable source of information about the flow of quotations, since in case of an unstable connection between the trading platform and the server, some of the quotations from their flow may not reach the trading platform.

3. Opening of positions

3.1. A position is opened if there are sufficient free funds to open a position. The position is not opened if there are not enough free funds.

3.2. The client's order to open a position is considered to be accomplished, and the position opened after the corresponding record in the server log file. Each new position is assigned a serial number.

4. Closing of a position

4.1. Closing of a trade operation is performed at the current available price on the trading server at the time of closing the trade operation.

5. Trading sessions

5.1. While working of international Forex market – 24 hours a day, from the midnight Sunday-Monday until the midnight Friday-Saturday.

5.2. Trading on the GBL investing platform is carried out in accordance with the schedule of the Forex market: 24 hours a day and 5 days a week (except for national holidays or technical works).

5.3. The trading session is closed on Friday at 23: 59 and opened on Monday at 00: 01. Attention! All deals made on the platform on weekends (or during the closing of the platform) are considered invalid and will be cancelled.

5.4. The platform operates in demo mode on weekends in order to train clients.

5.5. The client confirms that he agrees that all the deals made during the weekend will be recognized as invalid and canceled.

6. Technical works on the platform

6.1. Due to its opportunities, the Company undertakes to carry out technical works on weekends.

6.2. The company undertakes to notify the Client about the upcoming technical works on the platform.

6.3. The company undertakes to notify about such situations on GBL investing's blog.

7. Fraud

7.1. The company has the right to block the Client's account without prior notice and without the possibility of further withdrawal of funds and / or terminate the Agreement unilaterally out of court, if:

7.1.1. Credit card transactions are not performed by the Customer.

7.1.2. The software is used to get false trading results.

7.1.3. Errors and system failures are used to produce false trading results.

8. Registration on the website

When registering on the GBL investing trading platform, the Client undertakes:

To read the Terms and Conditions of the Company, as well as the payment policy, withdrawal policy, privacy policy, anti-money laundering policy and risk notifications. All documents are presented on the platform's website and are available for review.

8.2. The agreement of the Client with all the provisions of this Agreement without exception is a mandatory basis for starting cooperation with the Company, registering as a Client and using any services provided by the Company.

8.3. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the Client confirms that he has reached the age of majority at the time of signing the Agreement, is competent, and enters into this Agreement voluntarily. The text and content of this Agreement may be changed by the Company without prior notice to the Client.

8.4. Only the published version of this Agreement is current, and all previous versions are no longer current since the last version is published.

8.5. If the Client does not agree with the Rules of the Company, he undertakes not to register on the platform and not to replenish the client's deposit.

9. Crediting fundsв

9.1. After receipt of funds to the trading account of the client, within 24 hours, the service is considered to be provided.

These Conditions are the fundamental Rules of the GBL investing trading platform and the interaction between it and the Client. We hope for understanding and observance of the specified Rules!


Financial service, produced by this website, is of a high level of risk and can lead to your complete money lost. Don’t invest money, which you cannot lose.