Withdrawal of funds

• To withdraw funds from Your account, you must make a special request in the personal account of the trading platform. This operation can be carried out through various payment systems.

• The application is processed by the financial Department of GBL investing. Usually it takes 3 working days, in some cases the processing time can be extended, the client is notified about it without fail.

• Funds are withdrawn to the details from which the account was replenished. If a payment system that does not have a technical possibility of withdrawal was used to replenish the account, the withdrawal options are negotiated between the client and the company. However, please note that the personal data must be the same as the data at registration.

• If the amount you wish to withdraw to the card exceeds the amount originally entered into the deposit account, funds that are equal to the initial amount of replenishment are transferred to the card. You can receive the balance by money transfer.

• Withdrawal of funds to a bank card is a priority method. It is possible if the desired withdrawal amount does not exceed the amount of replenishment to this bank card for the period of 90 (ninety) calendar days from the date of replenishment.

The client is fully responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the data provided in the application!

Crediting funds to the trading account

GBL investing made this procedure as simple, fast and reliable as possible. This service is considered to be provided when the funds are received on the client's trading account within 24 hours.

Minimum volume of trade

According to clause 12 of the "Anti-money laundering Policy", the deposit can be withdrawn back to the client's account only after the commission of minimum volume of trade, equal to the amount of replenishment.

What is an account verification?

This is a set of measures that allows the Company to obtain confidence that the account belongs to a person who has reached the age of majority, and also is the owner of a bank account (wallet of electronic payment systems).

For trading in financial markets, verification is a mandatory procedure for all GBL investing clients.

The company obeys to the requirements of FATF – an intergovernmental organization that fights against money-laundering and financing of terrorism.

In this regard, each account is strictly obliged to be verified in accordance with paragraph 2.2 "Payment Policy of the Company" for the withdrawal of funds.

Refinement of the profit

The client undertakes to make a minimum trading turnover X 10 of the amount of the monthly account balance in the following cases:

• closing of account opened less than 180 days ago or replenished less than at the minimum deposit amount;
• when withdrawing more than 20% of the monthly profit received at webinars or as a result of the help of the company's analyst.

All conversations with customer are recorded and stored in accordance with clause 5 of the “Terms and conditions”.

In some cases, the Company withdraws profit / deposit to customers without refinement of the minimum monthly turnover, but only under special circumstances and by mutual agreement. The power to such a decision remains unilaterally with the Company.


Financial service, produced by this website, is of a high level of risk and can lead to your complete money lost. Don’t invest money, which you cannot lose.